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The model 1805 U.S. Marshall flintlock pistol manufacturered at the Harper's Ferry armory in Harper's Ferry Virginia was the first pistol manufactured by a national armory.  This pistol is the inspiration behind U.S. Army Military Police symbols such as the Regimental Crest, the MP Distinctive Unit Insignia, and MP collar brass.  But there has never been an affordable, authentic-looking, full-sized display pistol available...until now!  Our full-sized, hand-painted, solid polymer resin cast, non-functional pistol is suitable for awards such as a 360 degree desktop display, for plaque/wall mounting in single or crossed-pistol configuration with engraved presentation plates in four different colors, for use in table centerpieces, for mounting above doorways, on signs, etc.  Our pistol doesn't cost hundreds--or even thousands--of dollars like other fully-functional, new-looking reproductions, and it presents no customs issues such as are common with transporting real functioning pistols.  Our pistols cost only $59 each!  


You’ve found the ONLY full-sized, non-functional Harpers Ferry display pistol available on the planet. Our pistol not only represents an authentic-looking, 200-year-old Harpers Ferry Pistol, but it has a knearled grip, serial number, and other markings identical to one of the two Military Police Harper's Ferry flintlock pistols on display in the MP Museum at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri (The other Military Police pistol has no serial number or other markings on its barrel).  When you look at and handle our pistol, what you're seeing is actually an authentic image of not only an original Harper's Ferry flintlock pistol, but one of the two original Military Police Harpers Ferry flintlock pistols located in the Military Police Museum at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri--right down to the the markings and stamps and serial number! 


You could spend hundreds--even thousands--of dollars on a new-looking, fully-functioning replica but it wouldn't be identical to an original.  Fully-functioning replicas are nice but they do not look like 200-year-old pistols--their design is actually VERY different!  They also have no aged patina and look brand new.  They have a different caliber than the original and do not have a smooth-bore barrel.  They do not possess proper barrel and hammer-plate stamps and markings like the originals (see photos of our product below).

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Military Police Crossed Pistol Symbol
How the Military Police Corp adopted it...

The "Crossed Pistols" insignia for the Military Police Corps was approved in 1923.  The device depicts two scale models of the Harper's Ferry officer's sidearm and holster pistol of a century-and-a-half ago, rather than dueling pistols as some believe.  The Crossed Pistols have been the Official symbol of the Military Police Corps since its inception and continue to represent military and martial preparedness.


The device and its development were the idea of Captain George M. Chandler, War Department General Staff, U.S. Army.  The original pistols for the design were in the collection of Major Jerome Clark, U.S. Army.  Drawings for the insignia were made in 1922 by the Heraldic Section, Quartermaster General. 


In 1920, when a reorganization of the Army occurred, the original staff study assigned 5000 infantrymen to the Military Police mission.  Chief of Infantry, Major General Farnsworth, protested this arrangement because it charged him with troops that he would never have under his control.  He won his point with the General Staff and the War Department created another temporary arm of the service:  the Corps of Military Police.


A new corps insignia was needed, as well as a new collar mark.  The infantrymen carried a musket, the cavalryman wore a saber, and the Military Policeman carried a billy-club.  The draftsman was instructed to draw crossed billy-clubs.  The result was a failure.  At saluting distance the MP could not be distinguished from the field artilleryman.  The club insignia looked like crossed cannon.  Next, the medieval military club, the mace, was tried.  Beautiful drawings were made but looked like potato mashers.  The MP was armed with a .45 caliber pistol.  This was tried as an insignia but looked like carpenter's squares.  The .45 caliber pistol, like the others, made inartistic devices. 
The heraldic section was reminded of the Harper's Ferry Army Arsenal flintlock pistol.  Everyone interested in the new insignia agreed and the Chief of Staff, General Pershing, signed the drawings and later approved the metal collar mark, still proudly worn by the U.S. Army Military Police Corps.
Military Police "Crossed Pistols" are crossed right-over-left due to the hammer and strike plate being located on the same side of each pistol.  Crossing pistols in this manner, as opposed to the common military left-over-right standard, allows the pistols to hang closer together and present a better crossed image.  Hanging them left-over-right would bring them out from the hanging surface twice as far, due to the location of the hammer and strike plate, and would generally be more difficult to manage in a crossed configuration.  *Our first sets of business cards showed pistols crossed incorrectly--whoops--we stand corrected!
Military Police pistols have a unique history
The two Harpers Ferry pistols in the Military Police Museum at Fort Leonard Wood, MO, are special to the MP Corps.  They are a part of MP Corps history, and they are unique originals in their own right, with their own unique history and personalities.  
The serial number of one of the two Military Police pistols is 754.  The other one has no serial number, no proof mark and no "U.S." mark.  The markings were probably never on this barrel.  There is no indication at all that they were worn off.  Perhaps a later replacement barrel?  Harper’s Ferry weapons experts may be consulted on this issue.
One handle has a checkered/knearled area carved into its handle. 
Neither pistol has ever been converted to the later percussion style but retain the original flintlock mechanism.  This conversion to percussion was fairly common for many flintlocks when possessed purely for utilitarian use.
The process of attempting to trace the chain of ownership of the two pistols is underway.  At present, chain of ownership can only be traced back to the time when the then Military Police Association (MPA) came into possession of the pistols in 1962.  Chances of successfully tracking these, however, is slim.
The Institute of Heraldry has been contected concerning any papers about the 1922 design process for the MP symbol.  The SN of the pistol used for the drawings was apparently from the collection of a Major Jerome Clark, retired at the time, of Purcellville, VA.
The PMG (Provost Marshal General), MG Ralph Butchers, sent a letter to all major command Provost Marshals for the fund campaign.  The total purchase cost for the two pistols was $1,875, although the purchase source was not mentioned.  This information is from the June 1962 MP Bulletin.  In the September 1962 issue came the announcement that a total of $3,566.94 was donated to offset the purchase price and to build a display case and other museum improvements.  In a letter dated 3 Dec 1973, signed by COL Zane Kortum, association president, the pistols, along with other items, were formally donated to the MP Museum to maintain proper chain of ownership.

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Engraved metal plates!

Engraved metal plates!

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Just the Facts...

  • The Harper's Ferry pistol was the first pistol manufactured by a national armory (Harper's Ferry Armory).

  • Harper's Ferry model 1805, 1806, 1807 and 1808 flintlock pistols were all identical--there were no changes in design during this model year sequence.

  • The .54 caliber, single-shot, smooth bore Harper's Ferry flintlock pistol was intended for field duty and was issued as an Officer's pistol.

  • Harper's Ferry model 1805-1808 flintlock pistols were known then as “horsemen’s pistols” and were produced in pairs; both pistols having identical serial numbers.  With just one shot readily available without reloading, a "brace" was the standard issue (a pair of two flintlock pistols were known as a "brace").  Horse accoutrements also included a standard pair of saddle holsters.

  • No serial number higher than 2048 has ever been discovered--and that is exactly half of the number recorded as produced at the Harper's Ferry Armory.

  • All modern-looking, fully-functional representations of the original are made with a larger caliber than the original and a twisted bore for more accurate shooting.

  • Some modern, fully-functional representations of the original cost $350 - $500 for base-priced, new-looking models without an aged patina.  Some can even exceed $2000 in cost!  Real Harper's Ferry Pistols are valued anywhere from $3,000.00 - $50,000.00!

  • Our original, authentic-looking, full-sized Harper's Ferry pistol with aged patina is now available for $59 each!  Order today!


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